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    i have hotsync and versamail set up on two pcs for my 650. the pc with outlook xp allows syncing with outlook. it also allows syncing with other email olders in outlook., the pc with outlook 2003 does not allow any syncing other than directly with the serber. all i want to do is sync my outlook inbox with versail inbox on my device. any ideas?
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    I am having problems syncing my new Treo 650 with Outlook email (via local USB). I am searching the forums for some tips but this seems a similar problem....
    Thanks for any tips. I have flashed to 1.28 if that matters and all other Outlook info is syncing ok (on Outlook 2000)
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    What a pillock I am.

    it has been a while since I've used a Treo, as my aerial fell off my 600 6 months ago and I have been back to yea olde Nokia 6310i. I had forgotten that you need to hold the Alt/Option or whatever it is called key when you hit the Messages button, if you want emails and not SMS. It was as simple as that - the email was there all along.

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