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    I'm probably missing something and I've read a few other threads and tried to do what they said in them, but it still is not working.

    I am using BluesoleIL for the BT software, and i have Com port 3 set in
    Tools > Configurations > Quick Connect

    also I have Com 3 set in setting in Hot Sync Mgr.

    Local USB is unchecked, and just Local is selected.

    When I try and hotsync I get the error "the connection could not be established, chec your setup and try again"

    I don't know what else to do... help! thanks
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    by the way, i am using the treo 650
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    finally i got it... with bluesoleil i didn't have to create a virtual serial port, and i didn't have to assign one in it either.

    i just had to use serial port 6 or 7 in the Hot Sync Manager.

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