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    All of a sudden all the categories of my contact list switch to "work". is anyone else having this problem and WHY?!?!?!?!?!?!
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    Which applications do you use that may be accessing the Contacts database?

    The database may be corrupt. Run dbScan (latest version from, Select Neither, Menu, Options, Remove all deleted records.
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    no other apps access the database. Its funny becuase every number and category turned to work. its really annoying
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    I don't have that problem myself, but if dbScan didn't do the job, you might want to try FixAddressDB (attached); it's by HobbyistSoftware. This is what he says on his site:
    "Fix AddressDB is a utility that forces the treo 650 to rebuild the AddressDB which provides compatibility with most contact-related applications. Useful when the Treo650 corrupts this file (unfortunately too frequent). Requires Treo650"
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    Oh, one more didn't get rid of your Business and/or Personal categories did you? If you did, add them back; according to CESD (the creator of DateBk5) the absence of these two categories can cause a shuffling of of the others.
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    anybody tried this? does it work? Have used dbscan & it worked,but I"m still apparently having a contacts issue as my address db shows something like 256k & my Contacts DB shows 8 MB.
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    Best I can tell you is to go back to the other thread and use the solution I mentioned there. Other solutions may work, but don't know for sure. I know the one I did worked.
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    I 'think' you can force the 650 to rebuild the addressdb file just by deleting it.

    I 'think' it gets recreated by the OS when a program (that's not familiar with the new contactsdb) tries to access it.

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