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    I'm a licensed Verichat user and have been using Verichat for several
    months with no problems on my Treo 650 (Cingular).

    Just today, Verichat can't seem to log on... and when it does connect
    there are no buddies or bots showing up at all. And... it repeatedly
    keeps trying to login unsuccessfully.

    So, is there a problem with their interface server? Or has a file or
    something become corrupted on my smartphone?

    Any thoughts?
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    One thing I've noticed lately is that I'll be shown as signed on (my buddies see me on-line in their buddy list) but I get logged out of Verichat. They'll try to send me messages and it looks like they go through but I never get them. I have the always on option via SMS selected so even when I exit Verichat I should still receive messages.

    It's not until I actually open Verichat myself and log back on/off/and back on that the problem seems to fix itself. It's pretty annoying since I don't know that I've been logged off and even more annoying for my buddies who think I'm logged on and ignoring them.

    Like you though, when this problem happens and I enter Verichat I see myself signed on but there are no buddies or bots present in the windows.
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    I'm on Cingular and using Verichat right this second. It's working fine for me...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Christinac130
    I'm on Cingular and using Verichat right this second. It's working fine for me...
    What a coincidence... The Forum That Asks, "Are You Not Entertained?"

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    Since my upgrade Verichat has only gotten faster.....nothing bad to report here.

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    Have you tried reinstalling it?
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    Going to do that now and see if it fixes anything...
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    Well... that fixed it!
    I'm up and running Verichat again.

    There are definitely some compatability issues with the 650 though, because "Crash" logging often shows Verichat as the culprit. Maybe this is something else that will get fixed with the Cingular ROM upgrade...


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