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    I ran the 1.12 updater on my Sprint Treo 650 a few days ago. The problem is that memory I freed up to install the updater is now full after running the updater so that i only have 1.6M of memory left. Before I had the updater I had at least at least 11MB of memory free. Any suggestions on what to do?
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    It appaears that you still have the updater on board. Did you do the hard sync method? Was your final hard reset / hot sync to your user id or the temporary one created for the update? It should NOT have been to the temporary one.

    Some one else may know what files to delete (the updater files you no longer need) or you may need to walk thru the updater process again. Anyone know if that would cause a problem??

    Get FileZ from

    You will need it for deleting the updater files -- if someone has the list.
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    There are no files for me to delete when I go to delete files. The biggest file I dont recognize is 34KB and there arent enough of them to make a difference if I delete them all.

    And when I installed I followed the instructions that was on the Palmone site. I did not use a temporary user ID.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyokidd
    There are no files for me to delete when I go to delete files. The biggest file I dont recognize is 34KB and there arent enough of them to make a difference if I delete them all.

    And when I installed I followed the instructions that was on the Palmone site. I did not use a temporary user ID.

    Did you FileZ to view the files? The Treo file viewer does not show all files. I still believe the 1.12 updater did not remove itself after the update was complete. I am guessing that something went wrong during the process.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyokidd
    I ran the 1.12 updater on my Sprint Treo 650 a few days ago. The problem is that memory I freed up to install the updater is now full after running the updater so that i only have 1.6M of memory left. Before I had the updater I had at least at least 11MB of memory free. Any suggestions on what to do?
    Just a suggestion - You may want to take a look at your contacts, memos, and todo's and calendar. The reason I am suggesting this is because after I updated, I had less MB as opposed to more. Some people posted that they had gained.

    As I started looking to find what may have caused the increase, every last one of my contacts, memos, todo's and calendar events were quadrupled on the 650. I followed all the instructions to the letters to do the update; yet I have to admit, this was the first time I'd ever done an update based on what someone else on the forum suggested; which was to creat a new HSID for temp purposes. I dont know if doing that caused any problems, I know I wont do it like that again and just stick to the way I have been doing updates.

    Also, check PalmDesktop to see if there are multiple entries there as well. I had a lot of cleaning up to do to regain the space that was taken up by all these entries.
    ~ ScandaLous ~
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    Good thought, Scandalex!
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    I am having this same problem, after I ran the update I had over 60% free memory now just a couple days late I am down to around 30% and I have not installed anything.
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    I checked and I dont have any duplicate contacts.

    I did a hard reset and now i have no programs on my Treo and it is full of other things.

    I just downloaded FileZ and luckily had enough room to install it. But I cant figure out which files to delete. A lot of them are locked or small. None of them look like the files names I installed with the updater.
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    Somewhere in the 1.12 threads, I saw a list of the updater files . . . .
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    A hard reset and it is full of things? That does not make sense to me.
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    Yes I did a hard reset and then did a hotsync. And now no memory left.
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoyokidd
    Yes I did a hard reset and then did a hotsync. And now no memory left.
    I've posted around about this same thing.. I thought I was imagining things but I now really wonder if zlauncher isn't doing something right.. It's not properly moving things to the sd card - and things are hogging my memory .. I really don't know what's going on either, but I know my memory was dropping down daily.. Weird.

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    Perry any idea where that list is? I looked around for awhile and couldn't find the list. I know there is this list, but none of these files are on my treo or in my backup folder:

    * AAAChecker.PRC
    * AAAChecker_deDE.PRC
    * AAAChecker_enUS.PRC
    * AAAChecker_esES.PRC
    * AAAChecker_frFR.PRC
    * AAAChecker_itIT.PRC
    * CDMAFirmwareUpdater.PRC
    * DeviceCustomizer.PRC
    * DeviceCustomizer_deDE.PRC
    * DeviceCustomizer_enUS.PRC
    * DeviceCustomizer_esES.PRC
    * DeviceCustomizer_frFR.PRC
    * DeviceCustomizer_itIT.PRC
    * PrlFile.PDB
    * RomUpdater.PRC
    * Treo650-htc-tpl_zip.PDB
    * Treo650-htc-tpl_zip_md5.PDB
    * Treo650-ipl-cvt1.PDB

    * Treo650-ipl-cvt1_md5.PDB
    * Treo650-ipl-cvt2.PDB
    * Treo650-ipl-cvt2_md5.PDB
    * Treo650-ipl-dvt.PDB
    * Treo650-ipl-dvt_md5.PDB
    * Treo650-ipl-evt.PDB
    * Treo650-ipl-evt_md5.PDB
    * Treo650-palmos-tpl_zip.PDB
    * Treo650-palmos-tpl_zip_md5.PDB
    * Treo650-palmos_zip_a.PDB
    * Treo650-palmos_zip_b.PDB
    * Treo650-palmos_zip_c.PDB
    * Treo650-palmos_zip_d.PDB
    * Treo650-palmos_zip_md5.PDB
    * Treo650-spl.PDB
    * Treo650-spl_md5.PDB
    * Treo_650_Release.PDB
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    This is probably the list I was thinking of. . . .

    I'm stumped.

    Can you list the programs you have on your Treo and the space they are taking?
    (Under the menu key then Info.)
    Total space and free space, as well.
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    You asked for it....
    NetFrontLib,1.24 m,AcBC,libr
    MultiMail,660 k,asc3,appl
    DALAcDc,627 k,pdal,rsrc
    Phone,605 k,HsPh,appl
    Blazer,411 k,BLZ5,appl
    Boot,392 k,psys,rsrc
    MCLLibrary,367 k,MCLL,libr
    MultiMail Messages,351 k,asc3,Dat5
    Photos-Foto,344 k,Foto,appl
    ImgFile,297 k,Mimg,libr
    Calendar-PDat,245 k,PDat,appl
    HTTP Library,233 k,AsHT,libr
    MPEG4Decoder,233 k,mp4d,CdPl
    Bluetooth Library,228 k,blth,libr
    Nexter,227 k,HsCh,appl
    MVLib,219 k,Mvdo,libr
    Filez,195 k,Filz,appl
    Graffiti 2 Library_enUS,192 k,grft,ovly
    PACE,181 k,a68k,libr
    MultiMail Attachments,179 k,asc3,Dat7
    Capture-Kcpt,178 k,Kcpt,appl
    TFFS,176 k,TFFS,libs
    Contacts-PAdd,175 k,PAdd,appl
    SharedContent_Tips,166 k,HsSC,tips
    Phone_SPCS,160 k,HsPh,cCLb
    RealOne Player,158 k,RNWK,appl
    HsNav,143 k,HsEp,aexo
    PmNet Library,134 k,netl,LiBr
    PalmSGHiResFonts,132 k,Fnt1,data
    H263LIB,131 k,H263,libr
    MPEG4LIB,128 k,MP4V,libr
    MPEG4Encoder,125 k,mp4e,CdPl
    psysLaunchDB,121 k,psys,lnch
    UI,119 k,puil,rsrc
    ScientificCalc,112 k,sciC,appl
    BtStack,103 k,btsk,libr
    Launcher,101 k,lnch,appl
    Graffiti 2 Library,97.0 k,grft,libr
    MPEG1LIB,95.7 k,mp1D,libr
    CarrierCustomization,93.5 k,CCLb,libr
    Tasks-PTod,93.0 k,PTod,appl
    HsExtensions 5.0 v. 2.0,92.3 k,HsEx,aexo
    NetworkProfiles2,83.5 k,CCLb,NPRf
    TelephonyInterfaceLayer,80.1 k,TIL!,libr
    PalmPhotoLib,80.1 k,PMPL,libr
    PalmCaptureLib,79.6 k,PCAP,libr
    Phone_enUS,77.3 k,HsPh,ovly
    JPEGLibrary,75.0 k,jpEG,libr
    SmartTextEngine,74.2 k,HsST,libr
    MapLib,71.1 k,mapL,libr
    Welcome,69.5 k,setp,appl
    Network,68.7 k,netw,panl
    VideoAccess,68.7 k,VOAC,libr
    Touchscreen,67.9 k,digi,panl
    ImageLibrary,66.6 k,imgL,libr
    CDMAPhoneInterface,66.6 k,PIL!,libr
    RealLib,65.8 k,RNWK,libr
    HtmlLib,65.2 k,AsHL,libr
    RealRMFF,63.5 k,RNWK,lib3
    Latin Locale Module,62.2 k,lati,locm
    BtManager,61.0 k,BTMr,appl
    MIDataLib,59.9 k,MIDT,appl
    BtExgLib,59.6 k,btex,exgl
    CalendarLib-P1CL,57.9 k,P1CL,libr
    RealMP3FF,56.1 k,RNWK,lib1
    AmrDecLib,55.8 k,ADEL,libr
    HtcCDMAActivation,54.9 k,HsAc,appl
    Clock-PcLK,54.5 k,PcLK,appl
    AirSAM,53.9 k,ExAs,appl
    PhotoManager,53.6 k,PMGR,libr
    HotSync,53.4 k,sync,appl
    RealRMCodec,53.4 k,RNWK,lib4
    IOTA,52.0 k,Iota,appl
    RealDRM,50.7 k,RNWK,lib5
    MathLib,49.6 k,MthL,libr
    SndFileStream-sfsL,49.5 k,sfsL,libr
    MMVCal,49.4 k,MA04,mmpl
    Boot_enUS,49.3 k,psys,ovly
    FATFS,48.9 k,fatf,libf
    RealMP3Codec,48.8 k,RNWK,lib2
    BgndService,47.9 k,asc9,appl
    CPM Library,47.5 k,cpml,libr
    MP3Codec,47.5 k,mp3d,CdPl
    MMWizard,46.5 k,MMw1,mmpl
    CalendarDB-PDat,46.5 k,PDat,DATA
    TonesLibrary,45.4 k,HsTo,libr
    CarrierProfiles2,45.0 k,CCLb,CPRf
    PmSysGadgetLib-PmSg,44.6 k,PmSg,libr
    AglkglLib,44.2 k,Mvct,libr
    ContactsLib-P1CT,43.7 k,P1CT,libr
    MessageStoreLibrary,43.5 k,HsMS,libr
    SSL Crypto Library,43.4 k,ssl1,libr
    PhotoConvert,43.4 k,PCOT,libr
    QCelpEncLib,42.6 k,QCEL,libr
    LocsLib-locL,42.5 k,locL,libr
    MMUnzipPlugin,41.7 k,MUnz,mmpl
    PIMsSupport-pdmE,41.6 k,pdmE,aexo
    CameraLib-camL,41.3 k,camL,libr
    MMNotify,40.2 k,asc4,appl
    Tutorial_Tips_SPCS_enUS,40.0 k,TMTp,lCLb
    MMWave,39.9 k,MA99,mmpl
    ContactsDB-PAdd,39.5 k,PAdd,DATA
    IrDA Library,39.4 k,irda,exgl
    CertMgrDB,39.1 k,0lss,trec
    MMPluginMGR,39.1 k,MMpl,mmpl
    DatebookDB,37.5 k,date,DATA
    BtHsmLib,37.3 k,bths,libr
    BtHandsfree Panel,36.6 k,Bthp,panl
    MIAttachLib,35.5 k,MIDA,appl
    HsPPPNetIFLib,34.9 k,ppp_,neti
    PACERsrcDB0,34.7 k,a68k,a68k
    RealOne Player_enUS,34.6 k,RNWK,ovly
    Memos-PMem,33.7 k,PMem,appl
    Blazer_enUS,33.1 k,BLZ5,ovly
    Nexter_enUS,32.8 k,HsCh,ovly
    BtTransport,32.3 k,btsu,bttx
    SlotDriver: SDIO-sdsd,32.0 k,sdsd,libs
    NetMaster,30.6 k,HsNM,libr
    MIDI Ring Tones,30.5 k,MCnl,smfr
    NetPref,29.3 k,HsNP,libr
    Calendar-PDat_enUS,29.2 k,PDat,ovly
    QCelpDecLib,28.5 k,QCDL,libr
    Connection,28.2 k,modm,panl
    SAMgr,27.6 k,smg9,appl
    AirSAMPrv,27.5 k,ExA2,appl
    MMVCardPlugin,27.2 k,MA08,mmpl
    SSL Library,25.3 k,ssl0,libr
    Messages Database,24.5 k,Ms
    ComChannelProvider,24.2 k,HsCP,libr
    SLIP NetIF,24.2 k,slip,neti
    Photos-Foto_enUS,23.1 k,Foto,ovly
    IIDataLib,22.8 k,IIDT,appl
    ContactsBDIndex-PAdd,22.5 k,PAdd,bday
    HsSysResource5.0_enUS,21.7 k,HsSr,ovly
    AddressDB,21.0 k,addr,DATA
    MMConduit-asc6,20.7 k,asc6,appl
    Palm OS Data,20.2 k,psys,spls
    HtcCDMAActivation_enUS,20.0 k,HsAc,ovly
    VPNShim Library,19.5 k,NLds,libr
    Get Mail,19.3 k,S7DL,appl
    Network_enUS,18.5 k,netw,ovly
    HsSysResource5.0,18.5 k,HsSr,rsrc
    TreoSMSLibrary,17.9 k,TrSM,Tran
    Photo/Video,17.7 k,MA11,mmpl
    Sound,16.9 k,HsRN,panl
    MMSmartAdd,16.5 k,MMsa,mmfp
    DeviceRes-PDvc_enUS,16.5 k,PDvc,ovly
    PreviewPhotoLib,16.3 k,PRVP,libr
    AboutBoxLib-abxL,16.3 k,abxL,libr
    PmUIUtilLib-PmUU,16.1 k,PmUU,libr
    Saved Preferences,16.0 k,psys,sprf
    MImgPlugIn,15.9 k,ImCp,CdPl
    MMSDCard,15.8 k,VCrd,mmpl
    BtExt,15.7 k,btse,aext
    Contacts-PAdd_enUS,15.6 k,PAdd,ovly
    Tasks-PTod_enUS,15.2 k,PTod,ovly
    Buttons,15.2 k,HsBt,panl
    BtManager_enUS,14.9 k,BTMr,ovly
    HotSync_enUS,14.2 k,sync,ovly
    Card Info,13.4 k,cinf,appl
    ImageUtils-PIUL,13.0 k,PIUL,libr
    TxnLogLib,12.9 k,TxLg,libr
    Security,12.6 k,secr,appl
    locLDefLocationDB,12.5 k,locL,DATA
    MMIDCache0,12.5 k,asc4,Da90
    VersaMail,12.5 k,msgS,appl
    SyncMedia,12.5 k,SYME,appl
    Pdi Library,12.5 k,pdil,libr
    PACE Data Store Reserve,12.1 k,a68k,a68k
    Date & Time,12.1 k,dttm,panl
    CategoryLib-catL,12.1 k,catL,libr
    MMConfigFPI,12.0 k,asc8,mmfp
    midataidcache,12.0 k,adi1,MIDC
    PalmVMFontLibrary,11.8 k,MA10,appl
    LocsLib-locL_enUS,11.7 k,locL,ovly
    Launcher_enUS,11.6 k,lnch,ovly
    VPN,11.5 k,Vpnl,panl
    Preferences,11.1 k,pref,appl
    MultiMail_enUS,10.9 k,asc3,ovly
    UartBulverdeIntel,10.6 k,u73x,vdrv
    mh2save00,10.5 k,MHII,sav
    EmPalmUILib,10.4 k,EMUI,libr
    NetPatch Library,10.2 k,netl,libr
    PhoneCallDB,9.50 k,HsPh,call
    DMABulverdeIntel,9.46 k,DMAC,libr
    NetSync,9.24 k,htcp,htal
    ScientificCalc_enUS,9.10 k,sciC,ovly
    Bluetooth Library_enUS,9.09 k,blth,ovly
    Brightness,8.96 k,brtP,appl
    BtCommVdrvLib,8.89 k,rfcm,vdrv
    LocalReceive,8.77 k,LRIF,libr
    PADHTAL Library,8.71 k,hpad,htal
    QueriesApp,8.71 k,QRYS,appl
    USBClientBulverdeIntel,8.69 k,pusb,vdrv
    Phone_Tips_SPCS_enUS,8.65 k,PhTp,lCLb
    Clock-PcLK_enUS,8.53 k,PcLK,ovly
    MMTextPlugin,8.19 k,MA01,mmpl
    MMPRCPlugin,8.00 k,MA03,mmpl
    AudioExt,8.00 k,Faud,aext
    VPN_enUS,7.76 k,Vpnl,ovly
    Formats,7.69 k,frmt,panl
    HsDataMgr 5.0 v. 1.0,7.64 k,HsDM,aexo
    HSTraceDatabase,7.50 k,HsTr,HsTr
    Unsaved Preferences,7.50 k,psys,pref
    Capture-Kcpt_enUS,7.47 k,Kcpt,ovly
    HsExtensions 5.0 v. 2.0_enUS,7.43 k,HsEx,ovly
    IMUMath-PIUM,7.39 k,PIUM,libr
    __MMServers,7.01 k,asc3,asc3
    MemoDB,7.00 k,memo,DATA
    MemosDB-PMem,7.00 k,PMem,DATA
    NetworkDB,7.00 k,netw,DATA
    TasksDB-PTod,7.00 k,PTod,DATA
    HsSysResource5.0_SPCS_enUS,6.99 k,HsSr,lCLb
    Palm OS Data_enUS,6.93 k,psys,ovly
    TransparencyLibrary,6.91 k,HsTL,libr
    SoundsApp-SMng,6.87 k,SMng,appl
    HsModemMgr 5.0 v. 1.0,6.80 k,HsMM,aexo
    Web_Tips_SPCS_enUS,6.79 k,BLZ6,lCLb
    PalmPhotoLib_enUS,6.74 k,PMPL,ovly
    MMWordPlugin,6.67 k,MA09,mmpl
    IrComm Serial Driver,6.66 k,ircm,vdrv
    SMS_Tips_SPCS_enUS,6.64 k,ChTp,lCLb
    UartHtcAsic6Bulverde,6.58 k,HsBT,vdrv
    ToDoDB,6.50 k,todo,DATA
    DefaultApps,6.38 k,HsDH,panl
    Connection_enUS,6.21 k,modm,ovly
    FavoritesDBLibrary,6.21 k,HsFD,libr
    Security_enUS,6.20 k,secr,ovly
    Shortcuts Library,5.94 k,graf,libr
    Phone_SPCS_enUS,5.77 k,HsPh,lCLb
    RelHTAL Library,5.75 k,hrel,htal
    HsUI,5.71 k,HsUI,aexo
    CodecWrapper,5.33 k,CdWr,CdPl
    DmTxn,5.32 k,DmTx,aexo
    MMHtmlPlugin,5.31 k,MA02,mmpl
    ADPCMCodec,5.19 k,APCM,CdPl
    ContactsSimDB-PAdd,5.00 k,PSim,DATA
    SMS Quicklist,5.00 k,HsCh,SMql
    HsProgressMgr 5.0 v. 1.0,4.82 k,HsPM,aexo
    HsSoundLib,4.78 k,HsAu,libr
    Card Info_enUS,4.69 k,cinf,ovly
    Sound_enUS,4.67 k,HsRN,ovly
    BtHandsfree Panel_enUS,4.63 k,Bthp,ovly
    Memos-PMem_enUS,4.59 k,PMem,ovly
    Power,4.57 k,Powr,panl
    CalculusDB,4.50 k,sciC,DATA
    .50 k,HsHL,cCLb
    Media_Tips_enUS,4.43 k,BcTp,ovly
    ExgLocal Library-locl,4.33 k,locl,exgl
    locLCusLocationDB,4.00 k,locL,DATC
    PhoneFavorites2DB,4.00 k,HsPh,fav2
    Queries,4.00 k,QRYS,DATA
    Tutorial,3.99 k,HsTM,appl
    Cmd-nettrace,3.95 k,nett,sdio
    CodecPluginMgr,3.90 k,CdMg,aext
    CalendarLib-P1CL_enUS,3.80 k,P1CL,ovly
    LcdOverlayManager,3.76 k,Povl,libr
    BtDeviceLibrary,3.68 k,BTLb,libr
    UIAppShell,3.54 k,psys,uish
    Blazer Bookmarks,3.50 k,BLZ5,BlBk
    ConnectionMgr50DB,3.50 k,modm,DATA
    Graffiti ShortCuts,3.50 k,graf,macr
    MultiMail Disconnected,3.50 k,asc3,Dat6
    System MIDI Sounds,3.50 k,psys,smfr
    LightsurfTransport_Trn0,3.48 k,Trn0,Tran
    MMWizard_enUS,3.41 k,MMw1,ovly
    Owner,3.41 k,ownr,panl
    HostControl Library,3.08 k,host,hstl
    TreoSMSLibrary_enUS,3.05 k,TrSM,ovly
    Cmd-ping,3.05 k,ping,sdio
    AddressZipDB,3.00 k,addr,imdb
    Blazer CacheHistory,3.00 k,BLZ5,HIST
    Bluetooth Prefs Backup,3.00 k,btse,pref
    BtExgLibDB,3.00 k,btex,data
    DefaultHelperDB,3.00 k,HsDH,DATA
    HsSysResource68K,3.00 k,HsSr,rsrc
    mh2prefs,3.00 k,MHII,sav
    MSLSA Data,3.00 k,HsMS,SpAd
    NVInfo-psys,3.00 k,psys,nvif
    PIMsSupportStatus-pdmE,3.00 k,pdmE,DATA
    SMS QuickText,3.00 k,HsCh,SMqt
    SerialLib,2.91 k,swrp,libr
    PmKeyLib-PmKe,2.88 k,PmKe,libr
    Memo Pad,2.72 k,memo,appl
    Address Book,2.71 k,addr,appl
    Date Book,2.67 k,date,appl
    ColorTheme-colP,2.67 k,colP,panl
    DefaultHelperLibrary,2.61 k,HsDh,libr
    To Do List,2.60 k,todo,appl
    BtExgLib_enUS,2.55 k,btex,ovly
    Camera_Loader-CmLo,2.54 k,CmLo,appl
    AddressCitiesDB,2.50 k,addr,city
    AddressCompaniesDB,2.50 k,addr,cmpy
    AddressCountriesDB,2.50 k,addr,cnty
    AddressStatesDB,2.50 k,addr,stat
    AddressTitlesDB,2.50 k,addr,titl
    Blazer Cookies,2.50 k,BLZ4,cuki
    Blazer Field Autofill,2.50 k,BLZ5,afil
    Blazer Find Autofill,2.50 k,BLZ5,find
    Blazer URL Autofill,2.50 k,BLZ5,aURL
    Bluetooth Device Cache,2.50 k,btch,DATA
    Bluetooth Trusted Devices,2.50 k,blth,DATA
    CalendarLocationsDB-PDat,2.50 k,PDat,lcns
    MBlnProfile,2.50 k,MBln,user
    MMIDCache1,2.50 k,asc4,Da91
    MMIDCache2,2.50 k,asc4,Da92
    MMIDCache3,2.50 k,asc4,Da93
    MMIDCache4,2.50 k,asc4,Da94
    MMIDCache5,2.50 k,asc4,Da95
    MMIDCache6,2.50 k,asc4,Da96
    MMIDCache7,2.50 k,asc4,Da97
    MMNotify Send,2.50 k,asc3,Da99
    SMS Addresses,2.50 k,HsCh,addr
    SMS Messages2,2.50 k,SMS2,DATA
    Camcorder_Loader-CoLo,2.48 k,CoLo,appl
    Keyguard,2.42 k,HsKg,panl
    VirtualModem,2.36 k,FakM,vdrv
    DeviceRes-PDvc,2.31 k,PDvc,libr
    Welcome_enUS,2.26 k,setp,ovly
    Latin Locale Module_enUS,2.17 k,lati,ovly
    BrightnessDB,2.00 k,brtP,DATA
    Find_DB,2.00 k,Foto,READ
    HSTraceDatabaseHead,2.00 k,HsTr,HsT3
    Net Prefs,2.00 k,netl,rsrc
    System DB Chain Head,2.00 k,HsTr,Dumm
    HsUI_enUS,1.88 k,HsUI,ovly
    DynDevInfo-DDIR,1.88 k,DDIR,appl
    PmSystemLib-PmSy,1.82 k,PmSy,libr
    TreoSMS Stub,1.74 k,TrSM,appl
    BtMan,1.73 k,abtp,panl
    Buttons_enUS,1.65 k,HsBt,ovly
    Loopback NetIF,1.64 k,loop,neti
    HRTimer-Lib,1.61 k,pHRT,libr
    Preferences_enUS,1.59 k,pref,ovly
    HiddenPIMsSupport-pdmE,1.47 k,pdmE,appl
    CategoryLib-catL_enUS,1.45 k,catL,ovly
    TonesLibrary_enUS,1.42 k,HsTo,ovly
    Touchscreen_enUS,1.26 k,digi,ovly
    MMSDCard_enUS,1.25 k,VCrd,ovly
    Formats_enUS,1.23 k,frmt,ovly
    HandangoLauncher,1.22 k,HsHL,appl
    Date & Time_enUS,1.19 k,dttm,ovly
    Blazer_SPCS_enUS,1.15 k,BLZ5,lCLb
    HsPPPNetIFLib_enUS,1.13 k,ppp_,ovly
    SLIP NetIF_enUS,1.13 k,slip,ovly
    ContactsLib-P1CT_enUS,1.10 k,P1CT,ovly
    Owner_enUS,1.01 k,ownr,ovly
    Power_enUS,991 B,Powr,ovly
    MMPluginMGR_enUS,980 B,MMpl,ovly
    DefaultApps_enUS,903 B,HsDH,ovly
    MMUnzipPlugin_enUS,900 B,MUnz,ovly
    Blazer_SPCS,891 B,BLZ5,cCLb
    ColorTheme-colP_enUS,890 B,colP,ovly
    SndFileStream-sfsL_enUS,882 B,sfsL,ovly
    ImageLibrary_enUS,859 B,imgL,ovly
    SoundsApp-SMng_enUS,817 B,SMng,ovly
    Keyguard_enUS,797 B,HsKg,ovly
    DeviceRes-PDvc_SPCS,773 B,PDvc,cCLb
    AirSAM_enUS,740 B,ExAs,ovly
    Photo/Video_enUS,740 B,MA11,ovly
    AirSAMPrv_enUS,724 B,ExA2,ovly
    SAMgr_enUS,724 B,smg9,ovly
    MVCardPlugin_enUS,612 B,MA08,ovly
    AboutBoxLib-abxL_enUS,596 B,abxL,ovly
    MMTextPlugin_enUS,564 B,MA01,ovly
    MMWordPlugin_enUS,564 B,MA09,ovly
    PreviewPhotoLib_enUS,550 B,PRVP,ovly
    IIDataLib_enUS,548 B,IIDT,ovly
    MMHtmlPlugin_enUS,548 B,MA02,ovly
    MMPRCPlugin_enUS,548 B,MA03,ovly
    MMNotify_enUS,516 B,asc4,ovly
    MMWave_enUS,500 B,MA99,ovly
    DeviceResources,472 B,pdvc,rsrc
    Nexter_SPCS,472 B,HsCh,cCLb
    VersaMail_enUS,436 B,msgS,ovly
    DefConnection2DB_deDE,427 B,modm,dflt
    DefConnection2DB_frFR,427 B,modm,dflt
    DefConnection2DB_enUS,420 B,modm,dflt
    DefConnection2DB_itIT,419 B,modm,dflt
    DefConnection2DB_esES,417 B,modm,dflt
    MMSmartAdd_enUS,404 B,MMsa,ovly
    PalmCaptureLib_enUS,399 B,PCAP,ovly
    Brightness_enUS,380 B,brtP,ovly
    Shortcuts Library_enUS,378 B,graf,ovly
    BgndService_enUS,372 B,asc9,ovly
    BtCommVdrvLib_enUS,364 B,rfcm,ovly
    VideoAccess_enUS,360 B,VOAC,ovly
    Camcorder_Loader-CoLo_enUS,359 B,CoLo,ovly
    Camera_Loader-CmLo_enUS,356 B,CmLo,ovly
    MMVCal_enUS,356 B,MA04,ovly
    PalmVMFontLibrary_enUS,356 B,MA10,ovly
    MMConfigFPI_enUS,340 B,asc8,ovly
    DefConnection2DB_jpJP,333 B,modm,dflt
    HsNav_enUS,309 B,HsEp,ovly
    MIAttachLib_enUS,308 B,MIDA,ovly
    MIDataLib_enUS,308 B,MIDT,ovly
    TonesLibrary_SPCS,290 B,HsTo,cCLb
    PmSysGadgetLib-PmSg_enUS,279 B,PmSg,ovly
    ExgLocal Library-locl_enUS,277 B,locl,ovly
    BtTransport_enUS,276 B,btsu,ovly
    Media_Tips,260 B,BcTp,tips
    MMConduit-asc6_enUS,260 B,asc6,ovly
    HsSysResource5.0_SPCS,256 B,HsSr,cCLb
    Photos-Foto_SPCS,254 B,Foto,cCLb
    Nexter_SPCS_enUS,233 B,HsCh,lCLb
    Capture-Kcpt_SPCS,206 B,Kcpt,cCLb
    PalmCaptureLib_SPCS,206 B,PCAP,cCLb
    PalmPhotoLib_SPCS,206 B,PMPL,cCLb
    DefaultHelperLibrary_SPCS,196 B,HsDh,cCLb
    UartBulverdeIntel_enUS,196 B,u73x,ovly
    NetSync_enUS,188 B,htcp,ovly
    SSL Crypto Library_enUS,187 B,ssl1,ovly
    VirtualModem_enUS,186 B,FakM,ovly
    IrDA Library_enUS,181 B,irda,ovly
    CPM Library_enUS,180 B,cpml,ovly
    IrComm Serial Driver_enUS,180 B,ircm,ovly
    SSL Library_enUS,180 B,ssl0,ovly
    To Do List_enUS,179 B,todo,ovly
    Date Book_enUS,178 B,date,ovly
    HandangoLauncher_SPCS_enUS,178 B,HsHL,lCLb
    Memo Pad_enUS,177 B,memo,ovly
    Address Book_enUS,176 B,addr,ovly
    HandangoLauncher_enUS,172 B,HsHL,ovly
    Tutorial_SPCS,172 B,HsTM,cCLb
    Tutorial_SPCS_enUS,172 B,HsTM,lCLb
    Welcome_SPCS,172 B,setp,cCLb
    DeviceRes-PDvc_SPCS_enUS,168 B,PDvc,lCLb
    Launcher_SPCS,168 B,lnch,cCLb
    Launcher_SPCS_enUS,168 B,lnch,lCLb
    TonesLibrary_SPCS_enUS,132 B,HsTo,lCLb
    Phone_Tips,101 B,PhTp,tips
    Phone_Tips_SPCS,101 B,PhTp,cCLb
    SMS_Tips,101 B,ChTp,tips
    SMS_Tips_SPCS,101 B,ChTp,cCLb
    Tutorial_Tips,101 B,TMTp,tips
    Tutorial_Tips_SPCS,101 B,TMTp,cCLb
    Web_Tips,101 B,BLZ6,tips
    Web_Tips_SPCS,101 B,BLZ6,cCLb
    PACERsrcDB1,84 B,a68k,a68k
    PACERsrcDB2,84 B,a68k,a68k
    PACERsrcDB3,84 B,a68k,a68k
    PACERsrcDB4,84 B,a68k,a68k
    PACERsrcDB5,84 B,a68k,a68k
    PACERsrcDB6,84 B,a68k,a68k
    PACERsrcDB7,84 B,a68k,a68k
    PACERsrcDB8,84 B,a68k,a68k
    PACERsrcDB9,84 B,a68k,a68k
  16. #16  
    I will puruse this tonight.

    What's the "free memory mb" and "out of mb" indicating with these files?

    Cheers, Perry

    Anyone else, feel free to jump in, as well . . . . .
  17. #17  
    I have had memory issues temporarily when Zlauncher has forgotten to put something like ptunes back on the SD card when I stop it. Usually it clears up after I run something else.

    I found after the update that some of my appointments and todo's where duplicated. It wasn't enough to make any difference in my memory useage. For me, it was a wash in terms of available RAM before and after the update.
  18.    #18  
    I got 736k out of 23.7.

    I dont use an SD card.
  19. #19  
    Just got home, didnt have a chance to look at these files. Do they total 23MB? One thought: how much is in your Treo's Internet Browser cache? Start the web browser, when it settles into your home page, touch Blazer in the upper left, get the menu, click on options, then preferences, then the advanced tab and see how large your cache is and clear it. You can also limit it's size on that page and/or check the box to clear it on exit.

    Just a thought. I will try to look at your files tomorrow night. Sorry.

    Cheers, Perry.
  20.    #20  
    The cache was only 1K.
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