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    I just got back from swapping out my Treo 650 that I bought 3 weeks ago. I started hearing the phone shut off while it was just sitting in its case in my car. Not the palm OS, just the wireless phone service. You hear the shutdown chimes when it turns off.

    I would pull it out of the case, turn the phone portion back one, and when I would touch the side of the phone case with my finger just below the side buttons while holding it, it would shut off the phone wireless service again.

    I did some testing, and it wouldn't happen if the SD card was out, but with it in, as soon as I would hold the phone like you normally would when on a call, it would turn off the phone/wireless on the phone every time.

    My new one doesn't do this, so I am thankful. My 30 day warranty expired tomorrow.

    Have any of you had this problem? Is this a known issue?
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    My guess is that it was a cracked circuit board and applying the right "pressure" or "vibration" gave the phone the command to shut off.

    I used to work for an alarm company. We would have installations make a false alarm on extremely cold nights -- but the system would "check" fine in the morning. The cold made a hairline crack in the alarm wire widen (as the wire contracted from the cold) and create the "break" in the circuit, causing the alarm. A bear to find, as well. (Be very careful how you staple gun electric wires into place!!)

    Anyway - your problem reminded me of this -- a hairline crossed circuit that closed on the least pressure -- you hand on the case or the vibration of a running car.

    Cheers, Perry.

    After reading the below, the SIM card does seem like a more reasonable explanation -- leave it to a Sprint user (no sim) to miss the obvious!!
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    I have a similar issue, except that I don't have to touch the phone for the phone only (not the OS) to turn off. Sometimes it happens just seconds after I turn it on and other times it happens after it's been on for a while. The battery is well charged. It has even happened while being charged. My phone is less than 30 days old although the paperwork I got with it says that I need to replace within 15 days of activation (, never mind that I didn't get it until 5 days after it was activated. Anyone else buy a phone from They don't seem to have much of a support line and their contact info has a snail mail address.
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    Sounds like the loose SIM card syndrome.

    Check this link-->
    Andrew Hargreave
    Locked Cingular Treo 650
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    I had a similar problem that every time I pulled my treo out of the case the phone would be off.

    It was the SIM card. Try removing your SIM card and put it back in.
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    I had the same problem and it was the SIM card. My 650 has it in a tray that pops out the top of the phone, though others have it under the battery. My solution was to put a torn off piece of business card stock under the SIM card in the tray to keep it pressed against the contacts. Not one problem in the last 4 months since doing this. Good luck to you on this.
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    Yes, sounds very much like a loose SIM, search for that.

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