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    I've had my Verizon Treo 650 for over a month now and still have 18MB free space on the internal RAM. The attached file shows the weirds characters that are displayed very frequently after a reset. Soft resetting 2-3 times may get the "Verizon Wireless" back. Not that I really want the VZ advertisement back but I am concerned that the weird characters displayed is a result of some memory problem with the 650. I know others have witness similar problems. Does the new firmware fixes it for Sprint users? If others want to post pictures of their weird characters: use the freeware Snap.
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    I'm also on Verizon Wireless and had the same exact thing happen. I just purchased the Treo 650 -- and this occurred the first day. After spending over two hours on the phone with tech support, they finally told me to take it back to the store to exchange it. In addition to the characters, the phone kept showing the roaming triangle -- even though I'm in my home area. Anyone out there know a fix for this?

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