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    My Cingular unlocked 650 developed button problems and Cingular sent a replacement. I called customer service and was given an unlock code right away. The phone says the SIM lock was removed, but it would not let me use my Italian SIM. After an hour with tech support they said it was a hardware problem and sent a second replacement. Exactly the same thing happened.

    Today I spent two hours with tech support. The unlock codes appear to be correct. The *#*#<unlock code># procedure appears to be correct. Cingular's tech got a Palm tech on the line. The Palm tech confirmed that the codes and proceedures are correct. He had no advice other than to get another replacement phone. What are the chances of two phones having the same weird problem?

    Has anyone experienced this? Does anyone have any advice on how to unlock this phone?

    I live in Italy for about a month a year and really need this phone unlocked.
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    Unlikely that two phones would have the same unlock problem. Have you tried multiple SIM cards? Maybe the 2nd card that you are plugging in has a problem. Can you try a 3rd or 4th SIM card as a test?
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    I have two Italian SIM cards and neither are recognized. I just had my Cingular SIM replaced tonight and that did not help. Very frustrating.
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    I had the same problem but had the phone replaced and it works fine now.
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    I guess another replacement may be my only option. It's going to look like a treo store here with all of these phones.

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