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    I have four Palm devices in the last few years, starting with the Palm III and now the Treo 650. I have always sync'd with Outlook.

    Three times now I have had a corrupted Outlook file totally screw up my Palm device. The most recent one required that I lose a week's worth of data to restore the device, and change my user name, which has now resulted in my having to contact EVERY software developer whose programs I have on my Treo (and I have a lot!) to obtain new reg codes.

    I've never tried the Palm desktop as a PIM, but I'm now considering it since I HATE the pain Outlook has caused me.

    Is anyone aware of any issues with PD involving passing corrupted files similar to what I experienced above? I am a very heavy PIM user, including keeping notes of conversations with all my contacts.

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    When I updated from the stock firmware to SprintPCS update 1.08, my contacts database became corrupt and I almost lost all my contacts! I use the Palm Desktop for PIM. So corruption is a universal entity in this business, literally and figuratively.
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