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    I recently downloaded Goodlink and set it up to access my corporate contacts, e-mail, etc. However, now when I get an incoming call, it simply displays the number (no name) and says it's not in my contacts. My contacts are stored in the main Treo memory. I copied them from my sim card. I think it's trying to find the number in my Goodlink contacts. Is there any way to change it back to read my contacts from the Treo itself? Or maybe from my sim card?
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    When you install GoodLink, the Good Contacts become the default contact manager. Contacts that are in your Palm native contact database are not used. You can enable them on the 650 using these steps:


    1. Make sure you Hotsync to get the latest information updated.
    2. On the Palm, Go to Palm Home and select the menu key and the
    Delete option
    3. At the top of the list, you should see GoodLink, GoodPrefs and
    then Contacts someplace close by. The size of Contacts will vary
    because this is REAL DATA, that is why it is important to Hotsync
    BEFORE doing this
    4. Delete Contacts and do a Soft Reset
    5. VERY IMPORTANT part II Change the Hotsync manager to Outlook or
    Palm Desktop overwrites Palm. If you do not do this, Hotsync will
    erase the Desktop information to get parity with the Palm which we
    ERASED the database for.
    6. After this crucial Hotsync life is back to normal and Hotsync
    manager can be changed back to Synch both. KEEP IN MIND!!!!! If the
    you upgrades to a newer version of Good or Re-installs, the
    hack/redirect is re-initiated and these steps must be taken again
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    Dear Good Guy,

    I deleted the Goodlink Contact icon from my Treo 650 application screen to elminiate the problems associated with caller ID and text messaging addresses and it worked like a charm. I also really liked the idea of minimizing the icons on the apps screen so I went ahead and deleted Goodlink "tasks" and "notes" knowing that I could still get to them via the Goodlink home page. I accidentially deleted the Goodlink calendar icon and now, my Treo defaults to the Palm calendar but becasue Goodlink is still running the the background i get all of my reminders twice. It's really quite annoying. Is there any way to restore the deleted Goodlink icon to the main screen?

    Thanks in advance,


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