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    A few days before installing the new 1.12 update for my Sprint Treo 650, I had paired the phone with my new Parrot Easy Drive. I was able to set up SOME of the functions on the Easy Drive, including a few "Magic Words" (voice Commands) and Voice Tags. When I saw that the 1.12 update had just been posted, and that it promised "improved" Bluetooth functionality, I downloaded and installed it.

    NOW, since I installed the 1.12 update, I have tried to go back to set up more voice tags & commands, but the Parrot does not even give me the option any more. I have started from scratch (cleared the Parrot's memory & deleted it as a trusted device on the Treo). I even removed the "Extra Digits" from my Speed Dial entries, because PalmOne's website referred to this as a potential conflict with a previous Parrot device. No luck.

    Anybody out there experience reduced functionality like this with your Bluetooth devices after updating to 1.12?

    Is there any way that I can "go back" to the previous version of the Bluetooth on my Treo? Some functionality is better than none.
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    I haven't used the Parrot Easy Drive, but with blue tooth devises in general you might try to re-pair the devise with the treo. Also I haven't installed the update 1.12 yet. I like to see if there are going to be problems first.

    Sprint Treo 650
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    You could go back to the previous BT Manager by either loading the previous file into RAM or flashing a new ROM with the old file.
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    Thanks for the tip, Chuck. I already tried re-pairing by clearing the Parrot's memory, deleting it as a trusted device on the Treo, and starting over. No luck.

    T2D4: Is there perchance a link to a thread that would walk me through how to do what you suggest? Where would I find the previous file, and how do I flash it into a new ROM?

    BTW, Parrot tech support suspects that (based on my description of the problem) the 1.12 update may have killed the Object Push Profile (OPP) that Treo's Bluetooth previously included.

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