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    I want to copy some locked applications to the SD card (eg: Bowling, Billiards, etc), and then remove them from the internal memory to save space. I then want to be able to run the apps from the SD card.

    I have both FileZ and LauncherX, and cannot figure out how to do this. With FileZ, I'm able to copy an app to the SD card, but cannot actually get the application to work. It only shows up as a (locked) .prc file in the SD card, but cannot figure out how to make the program show up in the menu, and and run from the card.

    Anybody have ideas, or is this impossible? Thanks, CC.
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    Move it to the Palm/Launcher directory on your SD card? Or use PowerRun?
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    This says it's only been tested with the 600 and is by Toysoft, but it may work? It does make it possible to move locked apps...

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