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    I'm trying to figure out how to have my linux laptop use BT Dun and am not being so succesful.

    based on

    I'm able to get my laptop to seemingly talk to the phone. i.e. I can bind the phone to an rfcomm device and when I open the rfcomm device

    the phone pops up the BT dialog that says

    "Bluetooth Progress: Connection in progress..."

    however, I can't do anything else. (i.e. it doesn't respond to AT commands, or anything at all).

    anyone have a clue?
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    I figured it out. Unsure why it didn't work at first. It was actually very easy.

    These are the steps I did on my Ubuntu laptop (should apply to plain debian as well)

    1) installed bluez-utils
    # apt-get install bluez-utils

    2) edit the pin
    # echo "####" > /etc/bluetooth/pin

    3) restart bluez
    # /etc/init.d/bluez-utils restart

    4) with bluetooth on and DUN off I made my laptop a trusted device.
    prefs->bluetooth->setup devices->trusted devices->add device

    select your laptop and input the pin you set above

    it should now be trusted and appear in selected devices w/ a key

    5) back in prefs->bluetooth
    select dial up networking to on

    6) on laptop, find your cell.
    # sdptool search DUN
    Inquiring ...
    Searching for DUN on 00:09:2D:16:12:F2 ...
    Service Name: Dial-up networking
    Service RecHandle: 0x10001
    Service Class ID List:
    "Dialup Networking" (0x1103)
    Protocol Descriptor List:
    "L2CAP" (0x0100)
    "RFCOMM" (0x0003)
    Channel: 1
    Language Base Attr List:
    code_ISO639: 0x656e
    encoding: 0x8cc
    base_offset: 0x100

    this gives us the mac address for the phone

    7) now we bind /dev/rfcomm0 to the phone
    # rfcomm bind 0 00:09:2D:16:12:F2

    8) now one just needs to setup ppp

    # pppconfig

    a) create connection

    b) I call mind 650-bt

    c) select dynamic dns

    d) select chat authentication

    e) delete "ogin:" (i.e. everything should be blank) and hit enter

    f) delet "ssword:" and hit enter

    g) delete replae_with_name and hit enter

    h) delete replace_with_password (you get the drill)

    i) 115200 should be fine for speed

    j) tone is selected already (hit enter)

    k) replace replace_with_number with #777

    l) select no for autodetect modem

    m) enter /dev/rfcomm0 (what we setup above)

    n) now click finished and then you can exit

    then all you need to do is

    # pon 650-bt and it should connect you after a little bit to the internet

    can "ps auxw" to see if it's working correctly

    if you see pppd and chat running, then you haven't connected yet.

    if you just see pppd you should be connected (can ifconfig ppp0 to make sure)

    if you see neither, something went wrong, try minicom and see if you can talk to the bluetooth modem on /dev/rfcomm0

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