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    I have been using the Treo 650 since February '05 and have mixed feelings about it. In theory, it is everything one could wish for running a business on the run as I do. I have a Network Marketing organization with over 7,000 Associates and I keep in touch with several hundred people on a regular basis.

    The Treo 650 is a dream come true for me because...
    Having the caller ID identify each caller is a must for me. Also, I have a lead gathering website system that emails all prospect information to my Treo for me to follow-up. The ease of one handed email retrieval makes my "work" uncannily easy. Dialing into a conference call with access codes and accessing volume reports on a website are all one push of a button away.

    The Treo 650 is a nightmare for me because...
    It all sounds great, until I have to do one of the essential functions of my business, which is placing 3-way calls to either another Associate or to one of the pre-recorded calls I use... In about 60% of the attempts, the call connects fine, 40% of the time, the microphone of my handset does not work! I can hear the other 2 parties clearly, they cannot hear me. I have to hang up and call back again. This also occurs during incomeing call-waiting calls. If I choose to answer the incoming call during an ongoing call, there's a real good chance that neither of the 2 parties will hear me (I can still hear them) and both calls will be lost.
    Cingular has been unable to address this issue, having replaced the headset 3 times and the sim card once.

    So what's the solution?
    I have considered the LifeDrive / RAZR combo, but nothing beats the one handed use of a Treo 650 and the ease of Internet access and email retrieval, so for now, I have decided to add a phone line to my plan with a RAZR and forward my calls to the RAZR while still keeping my Treo 650.
    I am able to send via Bluetooth, contact information from the Treo 650 to the RAZR using the "SEND" function in Agendus, but it would be nice to be able to lookup a number on the Treo 650 and have an option to dial through the RAZR via Bluetooth.

    Partial solutions?
    Using my old Nokia 3650 / TT3 combination, I used to average 9,000 minutes a month. With the inferior "Phone" performance of the Treo 650 and the inability to complete 3-way calls reliably, I have been using only about 2,800 minutes of airtime.

    The RAZR is actually great at the "Phone" part and has great reception and good earpiece volume levels, plus people at the other end actually can hear me better. But I repeat, nothing I have seen so far has the potential to be what the Treo 650 could actually be if it worked as advertised.

    A Working Treo 650 COULD be the ultimate business tool...
    Is palmOne aware of the potential the Treo 650 actually has? Would it be worth for them to spend a couple of hundred thousand dollars to hire Programmers / Engineers that could actually deliver what the Treo 650 is capable of?

    Meanwhile, I'll have to compromise and carry 2 devices... But for how long? Will they ever fix the Treo 650?
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    Great post. I am demo'ing the Treo 650 for our Sales Force. Although I am an engineer and do not get the level of calls they do but the fewer calls that I do get I am experiencing many of the same problems you mentioned.

    The Treo "could" be an invaluable tool. I have over 6000 contacts at this time and the caller ID function and quick lookup is unbelievable. I can email customers quickly send a text message to a Sales Manager and check into a hotel all in one quick sitting. If the Treo was more stable and consistent I could see improving the efficiency of our sales team.

    At this time though having to "hack" my own Treo to get it to run more stable is just unacceptable and I have not been able to recommend the unit to our Sales staff. By the time Palm and Cingular get their **** in gear there might be an alternative that we will go with.
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    Beautiful post, well written, very fair and accurate.. Thank you.

    Especially timely after this latest, most disappointing GSM firmware update....

    ... what was 1.28 supposed to improve again?

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