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    Okay, stupid question: my phone was purchased through Cingular, and shows the Cingular logo when initiating wireless mode, but does not have any Cingular branding on the outside, and says unlocked under Network Preferences.
    Is that unlocked? And if not, what is? What's the significance of having an unlocked phone?
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    A locked GSM phone is programmed by the wireless carrier to accept only that carrier's SIM cards. An unlocked phone will work with any carrier's SIM cards.

    If you bought your phone from Cingular it is 99.9% sure to be locked to Cingular.

    The only way to test if a phone is unlocked is to try a different carrier's SIM card to see if it works.

    The little lock icon in network preferences has to do with letting one update the preferences and has nothing to do with the SIM lock.
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    the significance of having an unlocked phone means that your phone is not limited to use only a cingular SIM. Meaning say you went to London, and you dont want to pay the high roaming rates. You can buy a prepaid SIM and it would work on your phone when you inserted it..

    the best way to check whether or not your phone is go to friend or whatnot who has a SIM for T-Mobile (or maybe ATT [cingular blue] but thats a shot in the dark)...if when you insert the T-Mobile SIM in the phone and it works without it saying invalid sim, or sim error etc...then you know your phone is unlocked, plus it would say T-Mobile in the upper left hand corner
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    It's locked. You have the AT&T version (aka Cingular Blue)
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