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    I tried Zlauncher and it is very cool. However since I installed it I notice that some button sizes are now off and some of my fav aps (DA) now cause soft resets when I try to use them. So I figure I should just take it off and start from scratch. and ideas on how to do that effectively or do I have to go delete every file associated with it manually?
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    Sounds like you could easily resolve the size issue by reading the manual, and I don't know why DA (Directory Assistant) would have *anything* to do with ZLauncher, I use it moved to my SD card without issue.

    I believe the manual also covers removal of the program. Likely use Filez and remove everything with ZLauncher's creator ID.
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    Yes, reading the manual would be a wise thing to do. (feeling a little stupid right now) I don't know that DA does have anything to do with it at all. I just know it was working a few days ago and the only thing I have changed is the Zlauncher.

    I'll read through the manual and see what I can find.

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