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    When I first got my 650 I had zero problems sending and receiving text messages. Now I have periodic problems:

    Sometimes I get the "message sent" message, but my text message color is gray instead of black. Sometimes the message is actually sent, other times it is not. There is no way for me to tell unless I call the receiver, which defeats the purpose of texting!

    When I find out that people are not receiving my messages, nor I theirs, if I do a "soft reset" the messages are then sent and received.

    I have completely deleted every message from my Inbox, Outbox, and Sent folders...then done a soft reset. But still...some confirmed sent messages appear in black text, others in gray.

    My carrier is Verizon. Any suggestions??? Thank you...
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    I had a problem with my display showing two unread messages in the inbox. I purged all messages and the icon was still there. I found this solution when browsing trough posts and it worked. Don't know if it will fix your problem but it's worth a try:

    This may (or may not) be due to some sort of corruption that has occured with your sms. I would suggest at least trying the method I'm going to mention below. It may not solve your problem, but it also should not cause any damage either (BACK UP your data before trying anyway). The only thing it will do is erase all of your sms that you currently have on your treo:

    1. Get a file manager like (free) Filez and install it on your Treo

    2. Using Filez, look in the Treo's ram for 2 files "SMS Messages2" and "Messages Database"

    3. Delete only those 2 files.

    4. You will lose all of your preivious sms messages, but hopefully your problem will be resolved.
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    Cool...thanks for the tip. I will give it a try.

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