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    When I first got my 650 I had zero problems sending and receiving text messages. Now I have periodic problems:

    Sometimes I get the "message sent" message, but my text message color is gray instead of black. Sometimes the message is actually sent, other times it is not. There is no way for me to tell unless I call the receiver, which defeats the purpose of texting!

    When I find out that people are not receiving my messages, nor I theirs, if I do a "soft reset" the messages are then sent and received.

    I have completely deleted every message from my Inbox, Outbox, and Sent folders...then done a soft reset. But still...some confirmed sent messages appear in black text, others in gray.

    My carrier is Verizon. Any suggestions??? Thank you...
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    I too had never had problems until lately and I too get the grey thing now too.
    Hopefully someone here can explain. I hope it is just a temporary Verizon network issues, but I dunno.
    But if misery loves company, I'm right there with you.
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    The grey text seems to be linked to certain users. It is annoying not knowing if my text was *really* sent. At least I am not the only one experiencing this problem, but I sure hope someone out there has a solution!
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    my treo is doing the same thing....except I have sprint..
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    I only had this happen once but I know I was in a poor signal area at the time. As soon as the signal picked up the message was sent without any action on my part and the messge turned black. I think it is pretty safe to assume any grey message hasn't been sent but it should show up in the outbox.
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    I'm also on Verizon and noticed recently that I've gotten an increased numbee of errors while sending text messages - mostly stating that something to the effect that 'the network isn't responding and the message will be sent later'. I got this at least 4 or 5 times while travelling home yesterday (on the LIRR from Manhattan via the Long Beach line).
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    I am in San Francisco and this problem started Memorial Day weekend and has been intermittent since then...

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