I wrote this as a customer review but the website wouldn't let me post...possibly because I checked "would not recommend"???? Just kidding....

I bought a P6 based on the TreoCentral recommendation.

When I received it I was pleasantly surprised at the nice (for the price) leather...very soft and a nice liner to keep down scratches. The belt hook is a metal clip covered with leather and seems sturdy enough. Its not a Nutshell belt clip with an offset to allow the metal clip to be slid around on my belt. This clip actually pinched my belt as it only had less than a 1" "throat" so it was very tight and I couldn't adjust the case on my belt. Plus it kept getting in my way on my hip and just didn't feel comfortable. For this reason I returned it to TreoCentral and got the VP6 pouch. But thats another (more happy) story..... Oh, BTW, my Treo600 has the single large wraparound egrips and it slips into the P6 nicely.

The VP6 is a much better product IMHO. It has a belt clip with a nice large offset giving it about a 2" long throat for the widest belts or straps. The belt clip is a Nutshell clone leather covered spring metal and held onto the rest of the case with a small rivet which also lets it swivel. The sides are cut down to allow access to the unit for removal without having to grasp the antenna. The flap is held in place by a magnet which is strong enough to keep the unit in the pouch even if I turn it upside down and give it several hearty shakes. There is also a cutout at the bottom to allow the unit to be hot sync'd using a cable but not a cradle. And here is my small gripe. The cutout is not large enough to uncover the headset plug which is only about 3/8" away requiring one to remove the unit to use a headset. A small gripe but needs to be noted for headset users. Check out the many pics of the VP6 and the clip, they are quite informative.

On the whole, the VP6 fit my requirements very nicely and it was less than $25 including shipping. And it works well with egrips without hanging up or being difficult.