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    Hey All,
    My Treo 650 does it all including being my primary MP3 player. I am training for a marathon later this summer and I want to take the Treo 650 with me while I run. What's the best way/option to carry it? Are there armbands avilable anywhere?
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    fanny pack?
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    FWIW: I used to wear my Treo 600 all the time even when I did yard work. (Stupid) This weekend it got loose from the clip and fell to the ground. I was lucky and nothing happen. (it was in a leather pouch case)

    Today I began to be more repsectful of my $600 (retail) handheld computer/phone. I now put it down and let calls go to vocie mail when doing physical work.
    Good Luck
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    I see a few people use ipod arm wrap pouches. Maybe that'll work?
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    Carry it and use the external speaker
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    Good luck with the marathon. I'm training for one myself.
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    I'm training for the SF marathon. July 31!!! I for one don't want to risk my Treo at all. I run with a tiny FM radio... lesser weight to run with I won't feel so bad if that $11 radio suffers from any damage.

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    I run with my Treo all the time to listen to music. I use my horizontal leather case which I bought from PalmOne for my old Treo 600 but Treo Central has now a better model. It should handle your marathon runs with the proper ear buds.Good luck in your upcoming marathon. I will be training for the Honolulu Marathon this year, again.
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    Sweet. I think I will be buying the Tune Belt. Thanks for the suggestions people!

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