Hi friends,

I have recently moved to a new house near Barcelona-Spain and I have organized a new office for teleworking in a place where there is very low GSM signal.
So I was trying to connect my Treo 650 to an external antenna I had for my old T600. Since connectors do not match I fixed it with a tape for a whole day while it was working.

After this: panic!!! I disconnected but my treo does not receive GSM signal any longer, well, just in very few places in the city centre where signal is really strong I get one or two points of signal just enough to place a call before it goes down to "No service" again. "Network Search" is on the screen for a minute everytime I switch it on.

What is wrong? Do you think that manipulating 9wth care) the external antenna connector ha damaged the unit?

I was close to open the box to see if the antenna was disonnected or something similar but I'm thinking about getting support from Palm1 or even ask for a replacement unit. The prblem is that I bught it in Taiwan and I live in Spain, do not know Palm1 is going to give me support or warranty ...

What are your suggestions? Any hint?

PD> Those who can kelp me to fix the problem are invited to a dinner in Barcelona if you come to Spain for holidays ... :-)