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    Anyone know how to disable this? The buttons are small enough that it's already happened a few times. Quite annoying.
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    Wow, didn't know this. Maybe I should RTFM.
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    Doesn't happen to me.

    GSM Cingular phone.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    Doesn't happen to me.

    GSM Cingular phone.
    I did some searches and found that some experience it and some don't. It's inconsistent; I can't even recreate it every time.
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    Shift backspace does nothing on my GSM phone. Do you have to be in a certain app to make this happen?
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    Works for me every time--as long as I'm in Blazer. Not in any other app, though.
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    Doesn't work on my Sprint 650. Tried a bunch of times on the Home screen and in Blazer.
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    shift backspace in blazer or other places where you edit text, erases the entire line on my Sprint T650 1.12

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