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    I clicked on "software" under apps and then it took me to the blazer browser and listed some programs. I clicked on "buy" but it didnt even ask me for my credit card information it just went to the download automatically... Am I being charged for my sprint software through my phone bill or am I just getting theses programs for free?
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    You will be charged on you next bill, though if you have the base Vision package, you'll get a $10 credit per month towards software/ringtone downloads from their site. I'm surprised that you didn't get a confirmation request, though.
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    Sprint makes it VERY easy to buy their programs from their site. No credit card needed - not even a confirmation screen asking you if you really want to purchase the app.

    Their website also has some refund request information, which I assume you can use if you accidently purchase an app or if the app doesn't work.
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