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    I'm trying to install the new update onto my phone but dont want to delete all my softwares i have on my treo. If i backed up using backupbuddy and then installed the new update, then restored the backupbuddy file would all my programs be back on it? Would it restore back to 1.08 or would the 1.12 still be on there?
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    You could do it that way. I made a backup with backupbuddy just in case the Hotsync backup restore didn't work (but it did). And, since the update is a flash of the ROM, it remains 1.12 even after a hard reset.

    Why don't you hotsync also and have two backup plans.
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    I used BackupBuddy exclusively. I backed up everything, did a hard reset, ran the update, and then restored using BackupBuddyVFS.

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