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    FYI: We just updated the Treo 600/650 PhoneToolsPro Suite to Version 1.43T Which fully supports the Treo 650

    You can get it here:
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    I have purchased the 650 PhoneToolsPro Suite Version 1.43T couple days ago.

    The history works great much better than the default call log. But in Air usage I have the following problems (I did sent an e-mail to developer about it but never got a response!)

    1- You can not change the currency format it always stays in US dollar (great if you use it in state but internationally the currency won't change)

    2- I have peak time from 7.00 am till midnight 00.00 and Off peak time from 00:00 till 7.00 a.m but in the program I can only set my peak time from 7:00 a.m till 11.55 p.m and Off peak time from 23:55 p.m till 7:00 a.m. the program does not except my peak time and Off time if I try I only get 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 a.m peak time!

    I hope in the next release these issues will be resolved.



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