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    FYI: We have just updated the Treo 600/650 PhoneToolsPro Suite to Version 1.43T Which fully supports the Treo 650

    You can get it here:
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    Watch out for these crooks at SmartPhoneTools. I purchased SmartPhoneTools for my Treo 600. 18 months later I upgraded to a Treo 650. I deleted all software off of the 600 and attempted to load to 650, it did not work (The tool package is tied to the ESN of the phone). I was told I had to bup another copy so I plunked down the second $20 and purchased a new copy. My Treo 650 failed and was replace by Cingular with a new phone at the local Cingular store. As the ESN now changed, I went back to and asked for replacement. They steadfastly refused and said I had to buy a new copy! Is this any way to run a business?
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    Odd. My Treo 600 was replaced after my puppy tried to eat the original. SmartPhoneTools reissused the app upon request. Later upgraded to the 650. Again, SmartPhoneTools reissued the app. Indeed, since this sort of thing is fairly common, there are detailed how-to instructions available, within the registered version of the site-- sort of like your own dashboard, so to speak.

    Understand: I am not negating your experience. Just noting that I've been on the same road, twice, and had the polar opposite experience.

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