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    I'm playing with them both. InstantText has a somewhat-nice user interface, but the available glossaries only have specialized vocabularies - no general glossary for high-frequency English words. TextPlus doesn't even come with glossaries, but it was easy to find a public high-frequency-English glossary for it.

    Any relevant experiences out there? - either with these or other Treo 650 word completion tools.

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    I used TextPlus extensively during the demo period. I found it worked as advertised. The one thing I did find is it felt faster to write with TextPlus because I could select words or phrases for completion. I did wonder about using word completion as I thought about the time necessary to navigate to the word/phrase and select it. Finally I wrote several medium length paragraphs (about the size of this response) both using TextPlus and just typing (having KeyCaps installed). I was consistently quicker without using text completion.
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    You can certainly add words to TextPlus with no problem. I have it but as mentioned once you get used to the keyboard it's just as fast/faster than trying to find the word and select it from the list. I'm sure it was great with graffiti but with a keyboard it's of limited use.
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    Quickwrite is another good text entry app fyi:
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