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    Lately I've been getting a lot of email messages on my Treo where the subject line is there, but the body of the message is blank. It's not the message - if you open it in outlook the body is there - so it has to be a problem on the Treo device or server. It only happens with messages from outside my firm, I've never seen it internally.

    I've seen this very sporadically before, but this weekend I got whole bunch. I checked the bulletin boards quickly and saw a reference to the issue, but no clear solution.

    Could someone give me ideas for some troubleshooting. Thanks!
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    what email client are you using? Some allow you to only preview a portion of the message depending on length/size.
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    We are using Good Technology (Goodlink) for our email software. This user as stated in the original message is sort of an isolate incident since we dont encounter this issue often from other users.
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    I wonder if the end user is using the Preview Pane to read the email rather than fully opening it.

    I also know with Goodlink that if you have your email delivered to a folder other than your inbox you can select whether you want only the header of the header and the body delivered.
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    I can check the setting on his Treo to see if he has "just header" to display like you mentioned. But since it only happens to certain emails (ones that are sent to him from an external user) I wonder if that would be the case. Because not ALL of his emails have this display issue.
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    Did you try reprovisioning his phone? Is it from a specific mail domain or any external domain?
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    Yes, we did reprovision the phone. I am checking where these emails come from but I think its from ANY external account.
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    According to the user, its all very random. Although a lot of the messages that do not appear do come from one email domain, emails from other accounts also have this problem. Its not from any particular sender or type of email. Its all very random. He can forward the email back to himself and view it fine in Outlook just not via the blackberry...only the header shows up.
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    What version of GL are you running?
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    His handheld software is 3.8. I am running 4.0 but him running an older version shouldnt be causing this right?
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    Not sure if this helps but he just told me that if he forwards the email to himself that the 2nd email will display the entire message. So its the original message that he recieves that he can not see. ANy ideas?
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    I think I saw this somewhere in the GoodLink thread. Try upgrading his device to 4.0
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    I experienced the same problem. I am running ver. on a Treo 650 w/Sprint. Also, I have a coworker experiencing the same problem on a Moto Q on Verizon.
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    We use Domino for our corporate e-mail server. GMM users will receive The blank e-mails only when all 3 of the following conditions occur:

    1. Message is sent by an internal user
    2. Message has HTML or Rich Text formatting
    3. Message is sent using Outlook w/Domino Connector for Outlook

    The text formatting, in conjunction with the Domino Connector for Outlook, appears to be the culprit.

    Since I know almost nothing about GMM, I was wondering if the GMM server app has the functionality to convert messages to plain text? If so, I believe it will solve our blank e-mail issue.

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