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    I never used a Treo before but I have a Tapwave Zodiac and used many Palm OS devices...

    My girlfriend's Mom's Treo 650 isn't workin and I would like to imprss here. Her Treo 650[Verizon] is reseting by itself and won't ring. Thats all I know about the problems she is having so far. The reseting itself thing might just be Palm OS. Also it won't ring. What could be the issue there? I checked the PalmOne site for updates and nothing there for these problems. I'll ask to make sure its a Treo 650 and not a 600.
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    Hey Logodude!

    First thing you should do is a warm reset (press reset + up). This should bring up the phone app. Then dial **377 (or *#377) which is the reset log on the treo. It should tell you what caused the last reset on the Treo. Hopefully you will find the offending app and uninstall it afterwards. If a warm reset does not work, then your only option will unfortunately be a hard reset to go back to a clean state.

    Finally, try to see if there is a valid backup set via backupman or backupbuddyvfs if your girlfriend's mom happenned to use one of those utils.
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