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    I just noticed that meetings in my calendar now contain a "with" field that lists all of the people I have a meeting with. I can click individually on the names listed and then reply with an email. Is this a new feature of the upgrade or something that was already there that I missed? I've been a long time user and was so annoyed previously that I would have to get Key Contacts, Agendus, etc. to have to get this feature. Either way I applaud Palm for finally adding this and the alarm feature on the tasks/to-do's.

    Here are my 2 questions:
    1) Is the "with" something new that came as part of the upgrade
    2) Can you add the "with" people from scratch on the treo? I see that appts made on Outlook transfer with them, but I can't seem to see how you could do this from scratch on the Treo. Or is this something for the next release?

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    Man, I've spent a lot of money and time on these things!!
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    It did this for me before the upgrade (since I haven't upgraded yet). I think that these entries with the "With" come from meetings set up in Outlook. I don't believe you can put them in on the Treo on a meeting created from scratch.

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