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    I have read the excellant instructions posted on how to connect your Treo to a Mac if you have a Cingular plan. I tried following the steps and was not able to connect - it says "Connecting", Authorizing, Disconnecting.

    My question is this - I got my phone with AT&T Wireless (now Cingular) - when my phone boots up it has the Cingular splash screen - should the cingular instructions for connecting via DUN work? Has anyone been able to get it to work? I would rather not struggle with the Cingular directions, just to find out that the old AT&T plans need a different approach or do not work.

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    That most likely means your account isn't provisioned for data. Sign up for the PDA net plan for $40 month or some other data access. Once your account is provisioned, then you will be allowed on. That is how they authenticate users since everyone uses the same password. The preceding statement is assuming you've done everything else correctly.
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    I have data access on my Treo - I can access the internet and surf from the device itself, am trying to hook it up to my Mac. I managed turning the DUN on, I just can't get the computer to connect via the treo.

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