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    Iv'e been getting the "Default mail account scheduled get failed" error message since day one of using Versamail. I've done both Sprint updates but the error still persists. Anyone elase getting this error? Any idea's on how to fix it?
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    Did you ever figure out a solution to this problem? I have the same problem, even though Versamail is no longer scheduled as my default mail account.
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    versamail > options > preferences > auto sync > alerts .... 'uncheck' alert me of failures
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    This is (and has been) unchecked and I still get this error about 6 times a day.
    Any other suggestions? All help is appreciated!
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    Quote Originally Posted by achap
    versamail > options > preferences > auto sync > alerts .... 'uncheck' alert me of failures
    ...better yet, just uncheck autosync and it will just stop checking for mail.
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    I did that, too. Everything that could be unchecked has been unchecked! There are no scheduled gets anywhere.
    Any ideas?
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    I had the issue. Resolved it by doing a hard reset and reinstalling everything from scratch. Think it may be a corrupted pref.
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    Had this issue too and spoke about it in another thread. The only thing I've figured out is it has something to do with a corrupt file on the Treo. The only way I've been able to resolve it is to hotsync versamail with my PC. It seems that there are some settings files located in your Versamail folder on the PC that can correct the issue when you hotsync Versamail. If those files on your PC get corrupted as well, then you need to delete/rename your versamail folder on the PC and hotsync from scratch. In that case, before you do the hotsync, I'd recommend setting up some fresh email accounts on the PC and deleting the accounts on the Treo. You should then be fine after the hotsync.

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