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    I have been having problems since installing the 1.12 update (Sprint) and the problem is related to reset loops. I have tried to narrow down the software, but it seems any program installed which requires me to reset the device after a hotsync will cause this.

    So I wanted to go back to 1.08. When I do, the updater detects a newer ROM version and exits Called Sprint and they told me simply that I must have a 3rd party app at fault- the usual response.

    Word to the wise, be careful when updating as it seems you can never go back if you find problems with the update.
    Dave Haupert
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    what about starting at 1.03 via shadowmite and then going to 1.08
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    You may be able to reflash with a custom ROM? Check out Shadowmite's site ( and give that a try before you take the phone back

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