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    I am new to the PDA world. Just got a Treo 650 and set up the Sprint Business Connections. No problems accessing e-mail, files, or seeing my calendar. But I see no way to add a calendar entry. I am on Lotus Notes at work. Any suggestions/ideas? Is there a tech # available for Sprint Biz Conn?
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    There is no way to edit or add calender entries with biz connect. This is a limitation of the app. I too wish it were diffrent, but its not. I just tend to not use my NOTES calender any more.
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    I read somewhere that they are working to add this feature in future releases. It was not in the latest one that came out a couple of weeks ago.
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    It's not what you want you want, but if you access the business connection via the website you can add a calendar entry.

    Added note: access it from the Messaging link at the vision page on your Treo. Then choose Biz Connection. I have used it a few times and it does work quite well.
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    Sprint has a .pdf features sheet from their webpage that includes:

    Add/Edit an Appointment – Subscribers can add or edit appointments, but not meeting requests, in their calendar. Subscribers may specify the following fields: Title, Start Time, End Time, Start Date, End Date, Location, and Description.

    But they have on a different page:

    Push calendar sync—Calendar appointments are updated in real-time (2-way add/delete coming in 2005)

    So, looks like it is coming and the one page is just ahead of the ballgame. Other than that I am impressed with the Biz Conn, especially how easy it was to implement and no needing to bring in the IT guys to get it going (as I am completely un-tech savvy).

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