In case anyone is having this same problem, here is background and fix.

I updated my Sprint using the alternate instructions (hard reset, sync to bogus id of "ROM Update"). Like a good user, I folllowed the Sprint instructions to first update to the latest version of Documents to Go. I also updated to the newest version of the Dataviz Tech utility, version 1.1. Before doing the ROM update I moved all apps back to the handheld.

After the update everything seemed just fine and I was very happy with it until I actually opened a DTG Word document that I had created on my computer. Each time I tried to open a homegrown document my Treo crashed. (I did not have this problem with the Example documents created by Dataviz.)

I went to the Dataviz support page, found this link:

DocID 13568

Although the problem references a "previous handheld", the solution worked for me by reseting DTG preferences, then doing a reinstall of the app. Just to be safe, I deleted my homegrown documents and reinstalled them from my desktop Word and Documents to Go app.

I did not have to resort to the second half of the instructions ("If the problem persists").

Hoping this will save someone some aggravation.

Otherwise I am completely thrilled with the ROM update!