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    this is odd, i did the update last week and all went well. then today i got a message that said my phone had to be configured for vision services. from what i remember that's like when you get a new phone. its doing it right now and i have no idea why. it was working just fine a few minutes ago.

    i'll guess i'll post back and see what happens.
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    ok, well it finished- i think. reset itself and reconnected to vision on start up. seems the same.

    but apparently it did have a system error at the time it was updating that caused the reset. it says,
    "a reset was caused on . . . . while running "IOTA":

    Main.c,Line:633, timeout expires waiting for the radio to reset or to power down.

    what's that all about??? it did seem like it was provision for a several minutes.
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    ok, i think i figured out the first part (why it did it). because i went on line and changed my Vision username. duh. i assume the reset was no big deal.

    (nothing like talking to myself)

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