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    Sometimes (not very often ) I launch Quick Tour by mistake since it is on top of the list of all apps. After applying Unlocked GSM 1.28/1.13 update Quick Tour does not start, instead it gives the following error message:

    Browser Error
    Unkown Error. URL:

    Anyone notice this? What can be done besides installing custom ROM without QT? I mean, I don't use it, but having on the Treo something that doesn't work kinda annoys me.

    On another note: is there any way to remove leading space from the name of the QT icon? (or whatever symbol is there to make it the first on the list)
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    I put quicktour in the unfiled tab in Zlauncher and then make that tab hidden under tab preferences so that I don't have to see it.

    That is, until I install a custom ROM.
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