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    I downloaded a freeware program that tries to read UPC barcodes from the camera on the Treo 650. An example of ingenious programing skills if you ask me. Anyways I noticed that up close my camera does not focus very well at all. I have read post of folks talking about taking pictures of their ID card or Credit cards I tried this as well and they are all out of focus. Is anyone else's picture quality lacking as well?
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    Did you check to see that the lens is clean?
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    Kahuna, can you share the name and place of the application ?
    it seems to be an interesting app. reading barcodes without a barcode reader !!!
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    I am using the product in tmt's post.

    Reading all the reviews it seems to work for only a limited amount of folks due to camera quality. I just wanted to check it out and am fascinated that someone came up with such a program that did not require hardware.

    GeekyMom I did check that the lens was clean.

    Has anyone else tried taking say a picture of their drivers license to see if the letters are legible? I wish they would have gone with a higher megapixel camera it would have really rounded off the usefulness of this device.

    I published a snapshot of a barcode to to give you an idea of what I am talking about.
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    By the way, I completely agree that the 650's camera is incapable of close focus, less than a foot or two. There is a set of lenses that can help, available at - of course you have to buy both sets to get both macro and telephoto, but the macro would certainly help. Probably you can figure out how to do this same thing yourself...
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    I looked at your barcode picture, and my guess is that the camera was too close to the subject. All cameras have a minumum focal distance. I can't find the spec for the Treo 650's camera, but my guess is that it's around 12 inches.
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    I tried taking a picture from further back which made the text too small to read.

    I have heard of folks taking pictures of Credit cards and ID's I wonder what experience they had?

    Thanks for the link on the lenses that is very interesting. I wonder if I can find that stateside.
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    Brando ships internationally and is very efficient and easy to do business with. At least, I'm a satisfied (occasional) customer.
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    Ewwwww, as if you could make the 650 (any cameraphone) images any worse, that lens set certainly could do it.

    You look at the sample pictures? YUCK! I suspect you'd be better off using the stock lens and doing a good scaling in Gimp/Photochop if you have to make them 'larger'.

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