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    can someone please confirm/disconfirm if the sprint treo 650 and motorola hs850 (bluetooth) headset can work together. especially in light of the new update for sprint 1.12. i've heard from some that it does work and others have said it does not. thank you in advance
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    I have the 650 and the HS850 and they do indeed work together. The HS850 does not auto-link so you will have to press the answer button to send or receive calls.
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    thank you for the reply. what do you mean by auto link?

    i have the jabra 250v now and with the treo all i get is snap, crackle and pop--so much static. although, the volume on the headset more than compensates for the static. is the volume on the 850 ok? b/c the treo's sucks?
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    can anyone confirm that it does autoconnect now after the 1.12 update?

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