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    I have an unlocked GSM Treo 650 and just did a ROM upgrade last night. This morning, randomly it started into a reset loop. I did a hard reset and restored the apps but then noticed that I have very little internal memory left so I used FileZ to see which apps or files where new memory hogs. A file called CacheMemoryDatabase is at the top at 5.7Mb. No "Tpye", creator = Patl. Can someone decipher what I have here, if I can delete this or move it to a card? Sorry if there is an obvious answer that I am missing, please just point me to a relavant thread. Thanks.

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    Use DBcacheTool, it may solve your problem:
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    Interesting that I do not seem to have this file on my Unlocked GSM 650. Is it related to a specfic application?
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