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    When I am traveling out of my time zone (e.g., going from San Francisco to New York) my Treo's calendar beeps me based on current time, though my calendar is based on my home time (e.g., I have a 12pm item that should beep me at 12pm PST, but beeps me at 12pm PST - 3 hours early).

    Is there a way to change the calendar so that it recognizes that I am out of my home zone, but keep the original times in the calendar?

    Thanks. Jeff
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    Sorry to be a nudge - but bring this back up to the top. Any suggestions on how to change the local time zone without changing the appointments themselves? Thanks.
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    I use Datebk5 which has EXTENSIVE time zone support. Look at their users' manual
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    Also suggest you turn off time Zones in Palm conduit & just synch times as they appear in Outlook. Then also handle in DateBk where every event can have a time zone attached to it incl. Home time zone for default + 'No Time Zone' which I use for flight times where of course the start & end time are absolute local times. Then when you move around destinations you can change your current locale in the Palm Prefs or inside DateBk5 preferences (if you have 'Sync with OS/other apps).

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