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    I just upgraded from 1.08 firmware to 1.12 on my Treo 650. Now the Treo can't find my HBH-300 headset. I was able to get my BT hotsync set up OK. The headset worked fine with 1.08.

    Has anyone seen this? Any way to fix it?

    Thanks in advance for any ideas.

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    Re-pair it. Yes, it was discussed in another post.
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    I guess I should expand a bit. Now I cannot pair the two. The Treo will not find the HBH-300 when I click on Setup Devices. I set the Treo so that it can be discovered. The headset is right next to the Treo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tcholmes
    I set the Treo so that it can be discovered.
    That option has nothing to do with headset pairing.

    You did put the headset into pairing mode so that the Treo could find it, correct?
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    OK, I'm an *****. I didn't hold down the center of the volume control.

    Thanks for the help, guys.

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    I guess I had better try to pair mine now too ... I have the P1 bluetooth headset
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    Ok, mine seems to have paired just fine. Whew.

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