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    Well seems like I joined yet another messageboard (Opie and Anthony, Van halen, and now this)... Great board with tons and tons of information about my new treo!

    I must say I absolutely love this phone (the 650). Anyway I just wanted to say hi, and show people that the treo is a great phone (contrary to other's opinions)
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    Welcome. Yep, the Treo is very nice
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    Welcome aboard!
    Cingular Treo 650
    Click here to see what's loaded on my Treo 650
    Do you like my dog? Visit his website!!!
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    Welcome aboard.
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    elcome to TC. We are glad to have you on board. Enjoy your treo.
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    Hey Bostonian;

    Welcome aboard... and please get those Bruins back to work!

    ...and here's a little welcome gift:

    we've redefined it's meaning...

    Remember These Fun Members...
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    Welcome, Welcome...

    LOL Big Otr....

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