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    After 2 days with my new Verizon treo 650, I still can't get the volume on any of my three bluetooth headsets (hs820, hs850, & logitech's newest) up high enough to be acceptable. Is this a defect curable by a future firmware update, or am I just too retarded to figure out how to raise the volume? -and yes, I've got the side volume on the 650, as well as the volume on the headset maxed out. BTW, I never had any problem with the bluetooth volume on my nokia 6620, but I'm sooo glad to have dropped cingular - worst customer service/company EVER.
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    I have the Sony Ericsson Akono Headset HBH-660, it works fine with my VZW Treo 650.
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    Get volume care or profilecare software from it allows you to raise the volume.
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    I have had my vzw 650 since 5/23. I got my 1st hs850 about 10 days ago and proceeded to lose it 2 days later. I'm now on my 2nd hs850 (being held in the pocket w/o my keys!). Neither have had any volume issues and I'm a little bit hard of hearing. I'm very satisfied with it. My only complaint is having to re-pair it every time I want to use it if it's been off, unless I don't understand things right.

    My suggestion is to go to a Verizon store and use your headset on a store 650 to see if it has the same issue.

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    I also have the Sony HBH-660 and am very satisfied with the volume. I do not use the eargel with it and it is comfortable and loud enough for me.

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