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    I have Verichat and so far am pleased with it. I hear a lot of neg feedback on it.

    Does anyone use Causerie? How does it compare? Better, worse, or same? Any advantages or disadvantages?
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    Verichat Rocks!
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    If you like Verichat and own it stick with it. I happen to prefer Causerie so check it out if you're interested in comparing for yourself...
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    Is there a freeware chat application? Has anyone ever paid for an IM application on their desktop computer? I am new to the Palm platform (I just bought a 650 for VZN) and I'm kind of annoyed that there is such a lack of quality freeware. The applications for Palm seem excessively expensive. $24.95 here, $19.99 there. Is the Palm so difficult to program for that there isn't a thriving freeware community or am I just looking in the wrong places?

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    i have both causerie and verichat. i like verichat's features better. but each to their own.
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    Does causerie have always on?
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    Yes it does.

    I like Verichat better.
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    I have an old version of verichat running... never got around to update it. Do I just download the new one on top of the old one? or delete the old then add the new? (( Forget it... I figured it out.. thanks.))

    I use both, and I have to say I like Verichat better. Causerie was good, but my overall opinion is that verichat was the stronger product.
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    I am using Causerie and liked that for its rich interface and stability.
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    I feel Causerie is better than Verichat overall.
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    I like causerie better. The UI is good and I have not faced any problems with it till now.
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    This is an old topic but:

    I use to prefer Verichat but it seems unstable. I uninstalled it for the whole week and buh bye strange crashes. Can anyone support that? Is it just my installation?

    Causerie: Does your phone seem more stable?

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