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    I bought The Boom headset for my treo 600 months ago based upon a recommendation on treocentral and have been very unhappy with it. They sent me an adapter that is supposed to work with the 600 but even still the people I call say they hear a terrible buzzing noise everytime I use the headset.

    With $150 investment I decided to return it at the end of April. I have called & sent e-mails & no one ever gets back to me about even receiving my return. Finally I received an e-mail saying that it takes about 8 weeks for a replacement! Is this company having problems? Does this seem normal?

    Anyone else having problems with this headset & company?
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    Howdy- I also bought the boom several months ago. The sound was great, but it was just too big and heavy for me, and I returned it, using their instructions, within the 30 day return period. To make a long story short, my credit card never was credited, and despite multiple emails and unreturned phone calls, nothing happened. I ended up having to go through my credit card company (Key) and start a whole investigation, which finally resulted some weeks later in a full credit to my card. It sounds like they are unethical in their business practices.
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    Wow...that is bad news. I'm outside the 30 day full refund period so the best I can hope for is a new unit (if they ever contact me).

    Maybe I can resell it on e-bay.

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