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    Ok so I am not finding "instruction" on the search..
    My goal is to download musictones or mp3 music and use as ringtones, I followed advice from reading this forum and downloaded ringopro it installed fine but when I go to the site from my treo 650 to browse/buy ringtones I purschase and download only to find it is poly instead of music...
    no option for music?

    I also installed realplayer from the CD but I think from all the comments I will delete it and not even bother with it

    I would like to figure out ringopro since it was $30
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    use your own mp3s and cut them down the way you want or just go to from the phone..they have mp3s ringtones there that are already sized down and its free.. the only drawback is do they have what you like.. hope this helps..
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    Thanks I will go check out the site!
    I am not that savy with mp3 files ect.. I have exp with CD's to my iPod software and thats that so I don't have any mp3 "stuff" sooo I think I will check the site out
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    it's basically the same thing as far as your ipod but you will need to have an sd card to put the mp3s on..
    The only time I ever made a mistake was when i thought I did and was mistaken.
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    If you're like me and you might want that had to get song or the song with explicit content that you probably shouldn't have as a ringtone then you should make your own. I use audacity to import the mp3 and cut down, take out what I don't like and leave in what I do. The good thing is you can manipulate the mp3. For example you can raise the volume fade in and out equalize etc. Then you just export it as an mp3 and if you're like me who also uses ringo pro then you can save them to an sd card an play them from their that way you can make as many as you like!!!!!

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