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    First some background:

    I upgraded my Sprint Treo650 from ROM 1.08 to 1.12. After some initial hotsync issues, upgrade went smoothly. However, after I was done, the phone did not appear to work. I could dial out, the dialed phone would answer, but I could not hear the person I called, and they could not hear me. In addition, I noticed that the speakerphone icon would disappear almost immediately after dialing. A hard reset did not fix the problem.

    Prior to upgrading, I have been experiencing one particular problem: when I play MP3s, I cannot hear them through the external speaker. If I insert a headphone adapter and some headphones I can hear just fine. But I cannot hear music through the speaker. But after the upgrade, the phone app appears to now look at that hardware switch and think it has a handsfree kit, and so it turns off the speaker!!!!


    If you are having trouble with your external speaker, DON'T UPGRADE!!!! Take your phone to the nearest Sprint store, and get it replaced!!!! I've already had my original Treo replaced because the headphone jack didn't work for handsfree kits OR headphones. Now this one ONLY works with handsfree kits and headphones. Looks like a call to Sprint/Palm......
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    I believe all of the ROM upgrades eliminate the speakerphone option/button when the unit senses the presence of the headphone plugged in. If you have the headphone jack hardware problem then you will not have the speakerphone option to get around the earpiece shutting off when you don't have a headphone plugged it. An easy way to know if you have this problem is if you are losing your general sounds like stylus taps and the phone on/off tones.
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    I suggest you do not play MP3s through the external speaker because if they are too loud it will blow it out.

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