View Poll Results: Does your Palmone Treo 650 Cradle Sync?

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  • Every time

    11 47.83%
  • Never

    3 13.04%
  • I do some tweaking and sometimes it works.

    9 39.13%
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    Lots of people complaining about problems with syncing with their cradle. Does yours work flawlessly without some special ritual or incantation?
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    Surely more than 14 TC members have the P1 cradle...
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    I'd be interested to know what kind of tweaking?......mine works 99% of the time (I think there has been 1 instance where I had to remove my 650 & re-seat it in the cradle).
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    Too bad there's not an option "not applicable" or "what's a cradle?" I hate using the cable, let alone a full-on cradle. I would hope more people were leveraging the lovely new Bluetooth capability. The only cable I use any more is the power cable. And here's to hoping they can someday make that no longer necessary!
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    Mine didn't sync for a while, but it syncs every time was just a matter of cleaning the male contacts on the cradle. So, I'm not sure how to answer the poll - if one looks at the entire history of my owning the cradle, the answer is closer to "sometimes"; but at this point in's every time.

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