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    Any ideas what Sprint is going to do with data usage and rates with the updated DUN? I'm wondering, with increased usage of DUN, if Sprint is going to charge more or create new data plans. Anyone heard anything?
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    -->BtDUN pre- and post- SprintPCS update 1.12 paired to PC and PPC.
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    Dunno. They have added a section to the "My Account" screen that says check your minutes, DATA usage, etc.

    "Data" is new...was added when the 650 was added to

    We'll see.
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    DUN is nothing new. PDAnet has supported it on the T600 and T650 for a very long time. So why would sprint change their policy due to a firmware update that the majority of treo users will never upgrade to?
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    Remember, the official way to tethered (treo's bluetooth/DUN or other phones as a modem) is to buy a optional data usage plan besides regular Phone Vision:

    10MB $20
    20MB $40
    50MB $50
    300MB $80

    The above include 100 SMS Text Messaging (200 with Vision???)

    Personally, I rather have a connection card plan instead since I could still use my treo phone if you could afford the new EV-DO cards:

    20MB $40
    50MB $55
    300MB $80

    before/if they raise their prices.

    Presently, I have my Treo as my data phone (Vision with the option of using the data usage plan if I want to be official) so I can use my Sanyo vm4500 for readylink calls.

    I am still wondering why Sprint did not add readylink to the Treo like Orange did with Kodiak Networks.
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